Postgraduate Study

Starting Postgraduate Research

A month ago I officially enrolled for MA Independent Study: Leicester Media School, where I am going to be focusing on improving my 3D character animation skills and my academic knowledge as an animator. For several reasons, including some snags in course management from university as well as my personal transition from taught undergraduate to more or less fully independent postgraduate student and confusion and uncertainty that comes with it, it took me a month to finally get settled, but I feel like now I am more aware of where, as a student, I am at the moment and what my path is going to be like as a Master student.

To begin with, my research supervisors are Tim Gray and Steve Abrahart. They both were my tutors in undergraduate study and I found their knowledge and experience in 3D animation as well as academic background was the most suitable for my particular study field. They were kind to accept this responsibility and for the next year T. Gray is officially my main (which means he will be working more closely with my research) and S. Abrahart is my second research supervisor, which I am very happy about.

While I am not entirely comfortable or very experienced with using blog to log my research, I decided to give it a try as I think it might be overall beneficial as compared to paper journal that I usually keep. Firstly, it will allow the research notes to be accessed at any time by me, my supervisors or anyone interested in my research. Furthermore, I hope that blog will work better as “public writing” tool, encouraging me to write more coherently and thoroughly as opposed to my personal notes, where majority of text is usually listed in brief bullet points. And finally, maybe these notes will be useful to somebody else and sharing it online will make it more easily accessible.

Talking about my specific area of research and what exactly I will be doing this year, so far it looks like I will be focusing on quadruped animation, namely animating horses in 3D. I feel like horse movement will provide plenty of challenge technically, the importance of horses in art will make for a good academic research to support Master study and my personal interest as an equestrian will keep me motivated through the year. By the end of the year I hope to create animation that showcases the quadruped animation skills I gained and my knowledge of horse anatomy and movement as well as overall push my ability as an animator.


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