Student Life

The Marathon and The Sprints

As the students are embarking on the last few weeks of the semester and exams/hand-ins/final presentations are just around the corner, it is no wonder that most people are highly stressed out and loosing sleep to complete the work on time. It might seem to be natural but sometimes the stress and extreme pressure that students put themselves through can have long-term consequences and lead to mental and physical health issues. And no one really enjoys the overwhelming feeling of running out of time and exhaustion.

I believe there are ways to make your life as a student so much easier and work better just by setting the right pace. To help explain the ideas on it, imagine your whole university career as a marathon, which requires a lot of endurance and patience, and parts of a single project as sprints – much more intense yet shorter.

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Student Life

The Story of Becoming an Animation Student

I first started having any real interest in animation exactly three years ago.

I was finishing high school and sending out applications to universities. I chose animation as my degree and when people asked me about it I gave them serious reasons why animation is my passion and a great career choice, sounding like it is the most well thought decision ever. But honestly?.. I had no clue.

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